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How much are taxes decreased when you get married versus single?

anybody actually know? will i see a difference in my monthly income when i change my taxes to married? thanks!How much are taxes decreased when you get married versus single?
it isn't a matter for the difference, if you are married you have to file that way

filing jointly will cause your combined income to reach a higher tax bracket possibly

is this a test to see if you want to get married?How much are taxes decreased when you get married versus single?
Assuming that both of you are making roughly the same amount of money and don't have any children, your tax bill won't be affected by getting married.

If your incomes are fairly lopsided you may save a few dollars in tax when you get married if you file a joint return.

If you each have one or more children and are both filing as Head of Household and are claiming the EIC at nearly the maximum amount, getting married could easily cost you thousands in added taxes and lost refundable credits. In the worst case scenario the hit can be well over $10,000.
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  • How soon to is Too soon to be married after being divorced ?

    How soon to is Too soon to be married after being divorced ? Or does it depend on the situation ?How soon to is Too soon to be married after being divorced ?
    To each their own, im sure its different for other people, and yeah it depends on the situation.How soon to is Too soon to be married after being divorced ?
    My mother has been married 3x.

    She married my dad, and he left her high and dry when I was born.

    Then 5 yrs later she married my 1st stepdad 20 yrs later he died.

    Then 5 yrs later remarried my current dad, ( he is more of a father to me than the first 2 combined.)They have been married for 10 yrs and they had a baby girl.

    Basically, whenever you feel ready.
    I'd say if you filed for divorce today and flew to vegas tomorrow, it might be a tad early...

    I don't think there is a clear-cut and dry answer, but if you're the type that seems a relationship to run from any type of self-esteem issues, then you need to deal with those first. I also think that as long as you're confident, and dealt with any psychological issues positively, then you're good to go...

    Just my opinion...
    It's all up to the individual And if children are involved. A divorce then a marriage immediately maybe too much for children to handle. It takes time to adjust to the ending of a marriage. And then BAM we have a new Pappa. Take your time!
    No such thing as too soon. Live, love and if it doesn't work, try and try again. You only live once. Let no ones judgment of you make your life decisions.

    who is anyone to judge you?
    If you don't feel ready to be married, it's too soon.
    I'd say to give it a few years before you get remarried
    dont guess there is a time set now days and time . good luck

    How do we get married at the courthouse in Columbus, Ohio?

    We filled out the marriage license online, now we have to go to the court with our proofs of identification etc, but can we be married that day? By the judge or something? At the courthouse? Or how does that work. My parents were married that way, and my mom doesn't remember. Do I need to call and make an appointment?How do we get married at the courthouse in Columbus, Ohio?
    yes u do need to make an appt.How do we get married at the courthouse in Columbus, Ohio?
    Yes, you need to set up an appointment to have your wedding. They can't handle a wedding without any notice.

    How is being married different than dating?

    I just want to know how being married is different than just dating? How long have you been married?How is being married different than dating?
    The first guy's answer is weird - I'm married and when my wife and I go on a date, we both go home afterward.

    It's different than dating because it provides the comforting security of a lifetime commitment. It is therefore a much more relaxed and worry-free relationship than dating.

    I have been married for 22 years so far.How is being married different than dating?
    Being married, you get to come home to the person you love every night. You have your best friend by your side through thick and thin. You are with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

    Also when dating you can just cut the ties and move on being married, you get a divorce and have to go though who gets what.

    For me I love being married. I married my best friend literally we have been best friends since i was 14, I am 24 now. To know that one person wants to spend the rest of their lives with you is an awesome feeling.
    Marriage comes with obligation but that obligation should come out of love. With just dating, there is no obligation of any kind.

    Marriage allows you to file your taxes together and ';married filing joint'; is the hightest tax bracket, which usually means a bigger return. Dating is irrevelant when filing your taxes.

    Marriage, where the mother's last name is same as her husband's, allows your children to automatically take on the father's surname. Dating means you have to file for a name change and can result in a fight if the situation isn't discussed in detail.

    Marriage allows you to make decisions regarding your spouses health, such as being taken off life support or approving a particular surgery. Dating doesn't allow you to make any decisions regardless of age and/or how long you've been together, if your state doesn't recognize common law marriages. To tack on to that, obtaining a death certificate or getting money from social security or life insurance is relatively easy when you're married. When you're just dating, it's almost impossible.

    There are many other differences but those come to mind off hand.
    I have been married 41 years and to this date we do not fuss or fight. If we have a disagreement we talk it out. The difference between dating and getting married is. When you marry you make a commitment and earn security with your mate. When dating there is nothing to hold you together and its like saying I can quit anytime I want. I will not quote scripture but man and woman a instructed to separate from Mother and Father and join together as one. The longer you into a relationship the more you trust and the longer your together the stronger the love builds. Security is the answer I would have to give for being married.
    Many, many years. The difference, well for one it is a commitment that is legal on paper, and also it is honoring to God and his plan for the family. The reason why we have so much divorce accepted, teenagers having kids, men screwing everyone they can find, and the entire reason the Jerry Springer show exists is because of the lack of honor and respect for the family unit. Hope this helps. If you have doubt about the person you want to marry, then don't take the plunge. It should be forever, not for a year or a few months like these foolish and bad example celebrities!
    Been married 10 years, been together for 12. Marriage is different b/c you have to learn to work through issues, even when you feel like running away. You also have think of your spouse's feelings first before your own and vice versa, to keep a happy union. There is no room for being selfish, and one stupid act of deception or lies, will haunt you for a long time. Where as when you are dating, you can just break up if you are unhappy....marriage you can divorce.....but there are so many more factors to consider, children, fiances etc.
    10 years, and the diff is being together every day, no matter what, thats the diff, not too much into it, just that. You have to be very mature to be married, Oh and you get to have sex all the time, unless you get an old ladie who wants it once a day or once a week, lol
    I have been dating my wife of 15 years for about 17 years. I still treat her the same way I did then. I open doors, be polite, call her everyday and say I love you, pull her hair out of the toilet when she is puking... LOL

    We still do the dating thing and we have been very happy. Being married is fun, but you gotta work at it.
    Dating isn't serious or committed. Dating is just fun and games. At the end of a date, you go home. You can date more than one person.

    Marriage is a permanent date. It involves day to day crap and learning to put up with it or change it. It means committing to one person.
    When you're married there is feeling that you're in it together, like it's the two of you against the world. And when you argue you don't have anywhere to go so you have to really face every issue that comes up head on. It's taught me a lot about myself.

    Married 1 year
    You get a pretty ring when you're married ; ) LOL But seriously, When you're dating, everything is exciting and it seems like things speed up, but when you're married everything seems to slow down.
    There isn't enough room on your screen for me to tell you the differences. Just know, everything is different!!!

    Some good different, some bad different.

    married 12 years and still counting........
    Dating - 70% Committed

    Married - 100% Committed (Becos the law says so)
    u together 24 /7 now its gonna b different give it time ....not married but been together 30 years
    dating is all about you

    marriage is all about your spouse, which you enjoy!
    Commitment. There's no revolving exit door.
    How is owning different than renting?
    When dating you get to go home after the date.

    Married 25 years

    Divorced 5 years

    I like dating
    well decision making is a two person job you, your together all the time you share your space

    4 years

    How can a married American/Canadian couple live together by immigration with limited stress and hassle?

    My girlfriend and I want to get married. thing is I live in Canada and she lives in United States. We both want to live together but we are having trouble figuring out how the immigration process works. We basically want to know if we can get married and then live in the US together... and then proceed to do the immigration paperwork without being deported, or if we will have to live apart until after the process has completed. We would greatly appreciate any information that can be given. Thank you very much in advanced and God bless you.How can a married American/Canadian couple live together by immigration with limited stress and hassle?
    Please be very careful. The first poster gave you information that will screw up your chances of being together.

    You may not legally move to the USA until after your fiancee files for a visa for you. Technically, you arent even allowed to legally visit, since you have an American fiancee. If you make the mistake of telling the US border guards you are entering the country to visit your fiancee, or you are entering in order to get married, they will deny you entry.

    Your fiancee will have to file for a k-1 visa for you to move to the USA and it will take several months. During tht time you will not be allowed to visit her. She will also have to be able to prove she makes enough money to sponsor you. I think the current rate is one and one half times the poverty level, but you will have to check on that.

    If you want to go the illegal route, and you can afford not to work, you could enter the usa without telling the border guard you are going to visit your fiancee, then after about a month, get married and have her file to adjust your status. During tht time you will not be allowed to work, nor will you be allowed to leave the usa for any reason. If you leave , even for a family emergency, you will be denied entry if you try to come back. YOur marriage will receive heavy scrutiny, and the process could take up to two years. SHould you go this route, be advised that it is not the legal way, and if the INS finds out you are doing this, you will be deported. They have gotten awfully fussy, with all the fervor about illegal immigrants in the usa these days.

    So, if you want to live in the usa, the best thing is to suck it up and get the right visa, the k-1 fiancee visa or the k-3 spouse visa. The other route will work, but it carries the risk of deportation, and forces your fiancee to support you for a long time, because you wont be able to work during the process. It also requires that she makes a good enough income to be able to sponsor you.

    The easier thing might be for her to come to Canada, get married here, file to sponsor her here ( you dont need to meet finance requirements to sponsor a spouse in Canada, and she would be allowed to stay in the country while its being processed ) and then after a year or so, She can file from within Canada to take you back to the USA with her.The INS process for a USA citizen applying out of country to return with foreign spouse is much faster, and you two would be together in the meantime.

    I married an American, we looked at me moving there before we got married, but found it much easier for him to move here. So he moved up here with very little problem. His permanent residence status is still being processed but he is allowed to work and has health care, etc, so its not that big a deal.How can a married American/Canadian couple live together by immigration with limited stress and hassle?
    hey kateh i recently also got married but i am here on a student visa. at the end of your last comment you said that your husband moved here and although his perminant residence status is still being processed he is allowed to work and he has healthcare. how did he do this?

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    Coming to America from Canada is pretty easy. If you have a valid passport it should take minimal paperwork as long as you don't get in too much trouble here. Most people have no problem moving between the two countries as long as they aren't felons. You should be able to move into your home with your new wife as soon as you get marrid. Check with the American Embassy closest to you or call an immigration lawyer to get the fine details.
    My fianc茅 and I were in a similar situation. We actually decided to go the route of the fianc茅 visa (also called an I-129F). You file it and get engaged and you will have to be apart for that time until it is processed. I don't think you will be able to get married without being deported. I wish you the best of luck. If you have any questions feel free to email me at

    How are married porn stars able to have sex with other people & not cheat on their spouses?

    I know there are some porn stars who are married. But how are they able to have sex with multiple people %26amp; not cheat on their spouse? Also, does cheating occur more frequently in the porn industry than another other industry?How are married porn stars able to have sex with other people %26amp; not cheat on their spouses?
    they are so desensitized it means NOTHING to them and they don't even put off much real emotion........notice every scene the women are FAKING IT!!

    pornstars are like prosecutors and executioners in the way that they separate their emotions and consider it a job..........ron jeremy had a difficult time maintaining a relationship but showed his deep connections to the person and notice that he really plays a ';porn role'; and a ';porn personality'; in the movies........this is by NO means the way he would be to his girl.

    pornstars fake sex and put it all on in the movies, but they often get their spouses tattoed onto themselves and some even retire from the industry after getting married, but the ones who do not feel NOTHING and when one has sex over 1000 times it means NOTHING and is just a mechanical thingHow are married porn stars able to have sex with other people %26amp; not cheat on their spouses?
    Some porn stars do it only as a job or career and their personal life is a whole different matter. I doubt most female porn stars enjoy the sex at their work (getting gang banged, double penetrated, anal sex, sperm shot all over their face, doing with other girls when they are probably not lesbians/bisexual for real). I mean they have to separate the personal aspects of sex to do that job. But others may be swingers and actually enjoy it and even have sex with others off camera and perhaps still have a bf or be married. That's a swinger, someone who enjoys that lifestyle. But most women who get into porn are doing for the money, not for the fun of it. Now men love being a porn star, they are the ones who like it because they are getting their rocks off and fulfilling their own and every other man's fantasies! But these are usually men's fantasies, and not womens. 95% of those who watch porn are men! You will find most women object do fullfilling many or most of the acts you see in porn!
    They are working. That's different when it is your job. Obviously you haven't seen a set. It isn't like they are in some seedy motel room. They are on stage in front of a dozen other people. You have sound men, Directors, stage hands, camera men. It's they same reason no one accuses a hooker of cheating. It's a job.
    It is cheating and there is no two ways about it. A marriage is between a man an woman. Not man woman and whoever. CHEATING NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY. They just excuse that sick life style and accept it.
    ';Cheating'; is about lying, so no, they are just as capable as anyone else telling the truth.

    Many couples are not strictly monogamous and have various agreements.
    If you have an agreement up front in your marriage, then certain behavior may not constitute infidelity. However, dude, I'm thinking you need a hobby.
    You might want to try asking this question in the Porn Star Forum.

    Sex without emotion may not be considered cheating. I have heard that some prostitutes have boyfriends/husbands.
    They are cheating. It's just that both parties were aware of the porn stars lifestyle usually before marriage, and are ok with it.
    Porn stars marry porn stars.

    If they don't, then their husbands must have a fetish that makes watching their wives get F'd by different men enjoyable.
    They are able to separate work from their personal life. I figure that as far as cheating goes they probably cheat just the same as people that have other professions.
    of course it's adultery, it's totally cheating if they are married.
    I thought people in the porn industry dated and married other porn stars. If they don't, they should.
    Easy, its the understanding that they have.
    Its just a job to them .
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  • How much worse off are filing taxes separately when married?

    My bf and I are probably going to get married this year, but all his bills, support, etc are done through his business. I prefer to do my own taxes and would rather not have my stuff done through the business.

    So what kind of penalties would I face should I choose to file separately next year ?

    Would I have to do anything ';special'; this year to prepare for a change in filing status?

    **Just like to be prepared :) **How much worse off are filing taxes separately when married?
    it depends on your situation and income. If you file separately you lose the earned income deduction and a few others as well. If you are in a community property state and you file separately you must add together both your incomes and divide by 2 to get your income for taxes.How much worse off are filing taxes separately when married?
    My wife and I have been filing seperatly for several years now. It cost us more in taxes up until 2005 or 6. Since then they come out about the same as filing jointly. We don't have a great deal of income, less than 30,000 each. I don't know if higher income will make a difference.